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Who said Scouts was boring?!! Check out what Australian Scouts really get up to! So...what is Scouting? Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for nearly 100 years. Scouts are in every part of our community, and Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia. More than 16,000 thousand boys, girls, and adults in New South Wales from wide cultural or religious backgrounds or with an intellectual or physical disability enjoy an almost unlimited range of activities.  The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local and international communities. This aim is achieved through a strong and active program that inspires young people to do their best and to always be prepared. If you'd like to know a bit more about the history of Scouting, go here. Why join Scouts? Scouting is fun! Scouting is definitely fun, and it also prepares young people for life in the adult world by teaching responsibility for their own actions and progress. These achievements lay a solid foundation for the success of our future Australian leaders. But don’t tell the kids they’re learning… they think they’re just having fun!  No matter the age of the participant, Scouts provides fun and exciting programs that promote active learning. Whether the young boys and girls are canoeing, camping, visiting museums or helping their local community, the activity is sure to teach them about themselves and the world around them. Scouting is Adventurous! Each year, all sections of Scouts learn to share responsibilities and to live with each other through adventures set in the outdoors. Camping, abseiling, caving, horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing and diving are just a few of the exciting experiences that a Scout may have achieved in his or her time as a youth member. Scouting is Challenging! Scouts challenge their minds as well as their bodies. Not everyone looks for the outdoor buzz all the time, so Scouts have challenging activities linked with the internet and amateur radio, performance arts such as singing, dancing, and acting and awards linked to citizenship, community service and personal spiritual development. Scouting is Commitment! Scouting makes a direct and positive impact on the community by teaching positive values and leadership skills to youth. Every year, Scouts and their leaders contribute thousands of volunteer hours to their local communities. Sharing time with the aged in the local community, helping with Clean Up Australia Day, Harmony Day and planting trees to help with the Murray-Darling River Rescue are just a few examples of the commitment Scouts make to their communities. Scouting is Inclusive! We encourage the integration of children with special needs – physical and mental disabilities or medical conditions - into regular Scout Groups. We also have many Scout Groups that have formed within existing religious or cultural communities in NSW. Scouting really is for everyone! Scouting in Global!  There are over 28 million Scouts in 155 countries – and joining Scouts Australia NSW connects you to them all. International opportunities include joining the Jamboree of the Air (JOTA), the Jamboree of the Internet (JOTI), making a Pen-Pal, attending a World Jamboree or a World Scout Association event. How does it work? Scouting achieves its aim through a system of progressive self education, known as the Scout Method, the principal elements of which are: Voluntary membership of a uniformed group which, guided by adults, and is increasingly self governed in its successive age groups. Commitment to a code of living as expressed in the Scout Promise and Scout Law, the meaning of which is expanded as the members grow towards maturity. The provision of a wide range of fun, constructive and challenging activities, including opportunities for adventure and exploration both indoors and outdoors. The provision of opportunities for leadership and responsibility. Learning by doing. Encouragement of activity in small groups. An award scheme which encourages participation in its full range of activities and provides recognition of individual achievements. A commitment to helping youth from the adult Leaders. Joining Scouts Costs: Membership If you are joining Scouts for the first there is a one-time joining fee plus an annual or quarterly membership fee, which includes personal accident and public liability insurance cover. Each Scout Group is responsible for its own Scouting financial program so it’s best to check with you local group for their membership and subscription costs. Uniform A shirt and belt is all that makes up the basic Scout uniform. These items can be purchased from Snowgum stores or through second hand clothing pools run by many local Scout Groups. Pants are to light coloured as outlined in the uniform policy. Scarves and badges are provided at no cost by the local Scout Group. Equipment Your local Scout Group will either own or have access to a large range of camping and adventure equipment such as tents, ropes, canoes, and cooking gear. The cost of this equipment is met through local fundraising and your membership subscription. Depending on your age group and which section you belong to, you will need a certain amount of personal camping equipment. Your leader can recommend what is required for your child. You may find that you already have much of what you need. What we offer... Scouting in the Southern Highlands has a long and proud history. In fact it's been around since 1925, making it one of the oldest in Australia. Currently, we have positions available for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts. We also have a Southern Highlands Venturer's unit for older children. How to Join Easy! Simply come to fill out the contact form on this site and we'll get you in touch with a Leader and you can come and visit. You can try Scouting FREE for up to 4 weeks, allowing your child to try different activities before they decide if they want to join. Simply dress your child in casual clothing, with enclosed shoes (no thongs or sandles). You are welcome to stay and watch especially if you have younger children (e.g. Joey, Cub). You may even get to even help out with the activities!  We look forward to seeing you! ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  Much of the information and content on this site is derived from scouting sites from around the world. Wherever possible we've tried to include the source of the information. Many thanks to Scouts Australia and NSW Scouts for  use of any relevant graphics and logos, and for their content that's been included on this site.
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