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Did you know that some of the world's most successful people were once Scouts or were somehow involved in Scouting at some time during their younger years? Many attribute much of their success to the training and lessons learnt from Scouting. Some well known Scouts from Australia include... Jason Donovan - Actor/Entertainer (Australia) Rolf Harris - Entertainer (Australia) Geoffrey Blainey - historian Australia Kieran Ault-Connell Paralympic runner  Sir Jack Brabham -racing driver  Sally Browne- fashion entrepreneur  Keith Conlon -television and radio presenter  Jamie Durie -television host  Peter Garrett - MP and musician  Regan Harrison- Olympic swimmer  Jack Heath -author  Shane Jacobson -comedian  Tim Jarvis- explorer and adventurer  Shane Mattiske- NRL Director of Strategy  Brendan Nelson MP - Former Federal Defence Minister  Dave O'Neil- talkback radio host  David Parkin- Australian rules footballer and coach  Helen Sham-Ho -member, NSW Legislative Council  Dick Smith- businessman and aviator  Adam Spencer -radio DJ and media personality  Jack Yabsley -television presenter And internationally... Ronnie Corbett - Actor  John Major - Prime Minister Michael Parkinson - Radio Presenter, TV Personality Cliff Richard - Entertainer Bobby Robson - Former England Football Manager Jeffrey Archer -politician and author  David Attenborough- Naturalist, TV personality Richard Attenborough- actor, film director/producer  Syd Barret -Original singer/songwriter/guitarist for Pink Floyd  David Beckham- midfielder of the England football squad  David Bellamy- TV personality Tony Blair Former-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom  Richard Branson- Entrepreneur Billy Connolly -comedian  Rhys Jones -youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest Neil Kinnock- politician Danny La Rue- entertainer  John Major -former Prime Minister Paul McCartney -singer/songwriter/bassist of the Beatles and Wings  George Michael -singer/songwriter  Jamie Oliver -celebrity chef Michael Owen -footballer Michael Perham -Youngest Person (14 years old) to cross the Atlantic single handed  Keith Richards- guitar player for The Rolling Stones  Bobby Robson -former England football manager Willie Rushton- actor  Doug Scott -mountaineer   Harold Wilson former Primer Minister of the United Kingdom James Lovell - Astronaut - Apollo 13 and others (USA) Barack Obama - US President Soichi Noguchi -  Japanese astronaut Shigeru Miyamotoc - Nintendo Goran Ivaniševic tennis player, Wimbledon winner  Croatia Jacques Chirac- Former President of the French Republic Michael J. Fox- actor  Canada Gordon Lightfoot -musician  Canada Rich Little- comedian/impressionist  Canada Steve MacLean -astronaut  canada Brian Mulroney- Prime Minister canada Madeleine Albright- first female United States Secretary of State  Candice Bergen- actress  Barbara Bush- former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush- former First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton -former First Lady of the United States, U.S. Secretary of State  Jacques Chirac - Politician (France) Neil Armstrong - Astronaut - Apollo 11, among others  Walter Cronkite - Journalist (USA) Richard Gere - Actor (USA) Tamara Jernigan -American astronaut  Billie Jean King- retired tennis player  Ann Landers- columnist  Shari Lewis -puppeteer and children's television show host  Mary Tyler Moore- Emmy-winning actress  Nancy Reagan-former First Lady of the United States  Debbie Reynolds -actress and singer  Martha Stewart- entrepreneur and television and magazine personality  Buzz Aldrin -astronaut  Joseph P. Allen - US astronaut   William A. Anders -Apollo 8 astronaut  Clayton Anderson -US astronaut Michael A. Baker - astronaut  Charles Bassett - astronaut  Alan L. Bean - US astronaut Apollo 12 and Skylab 3  Michael J. Bloomfield -US astronaut Vance D. Brand - Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, astronaut  Roy D. Bridges Jr.- astronaut  David M. Brown -astronaut  Ted Bundy- serial killer  Jimmy Buffett Scout, musician and singer  George W. Bush Cub Scout, 43rd U.S. President Charles J. Camarda -US astronaut  John H. Casper - astronaut  Dick Cheney Bill Clinton -42nd U. S. President  Calvin Coolidge Jr. -son of President Calvin Coolidge; the first Scout to live in the White House L. Gordon Cooper, Jr- astronaut  Walter Cronkite -journalist, anchorman and commentator for CBS News  John M. Fabian astronaut  Henry Fonda -Academy Award winning actor  Gerald Ford -38th President of the United States  Harrison Ford -actor  (Indiana Jones) Bill Gates - founder of Microsoft   John Glenn -astronaut, first American to orbit Earth  Frederick D. Gregory -astronaut  David Hartman -movie and TV actor  James van Hoften- astronaut  Richard Douglas Husband -astronaut, Space Shuttle Columbia Commander  Michael Jordan Cub Scout, NBA Hall of Fame member, 2 time Olympian John F. Kennedy 35th United States President  Richard M. Linnehan -US astronaut   G. David Low -astronaut  Jacques Chirac - Politician (France) Thomas K. Mattingly II - astronaut  William S. McArthur, Jr. - astronaut  Edgar D. Mitchell Life Scout, Apollo 14 astronaut  Jim Morrison - Musician George D. Nelson - US astronaut William Oefelein - US astronaut  Alan G. Poindexter- astronaut  Eddie Rabbitt Scout-Country & Western Singer  Ronald Reagan - 40th U.S. President and actor  Mark Spitz Scout, Olympian, 1972 (Munich) Gold Medalist — Swimming  James Stewart -actor, Brigadier General, Silver Buffalo Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom  George Thorogood -blues-rock and rock performer Astronauts and scouting... Scouts teaches young people to be good citizens and trains them to become leaders. These qualities are also found in the U.S. astronaut program. Of the 312 pilots and scientists selected as astronauts since 1959, 179 were Scouts or have been active in Scouting: So, what really happens to a Scout, when they have left the Scouting movement? Records show that for every 100 people who join Scouting: Rarely will one be brought before the juvenile court system. 4 will become Queen's Scouts. At least 1 of these will say they value their Queen's Scout Award above their College degree. 17 will become future Scout volunteers. 12 will have their first contact with Church. 1 will enter the clergy. 18 will develop a hobby which will last throughout their adult life. 8 will enter a vocation that was learned through the Progressive Training Award Scheme. 1 will use his/her Scouting skills to save his/her own life. 1 will use his/her Scouting skills to save the life of another person. Additionally, Scout's Account for: 64% of RAF graduates. 85% of FBI agents. 26 of the first 29 astronauts! Source:
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