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KNOTS Knots and lashings have been used for hundreds of years in a multitude of industries and situations. They are still in common use today and are the backbone of many Scouting activities. Scouts of course,are known for their knots! Before we get into knots, we must know a little about ropes. Each knot has a purpose and there is a purpose for each type of rope. Certain materials fare better than others in particular situations and the wrong choice of knot or rope and  even the wrong combination can spell disaster! There’s a science and an art to knots and ropes, so get some expert tuition. It will be invaluable and will serve you well throught life. Ropes these days can either be of synthetic or natural materials. Each has their pros and cons. Synthetic ropes are made from a variety of plastics. They’re generally plentiful and cheaper and easier to find than natural ropes. Care, storage and maintenance of ropes is important too. Plastic ropes can degrade with UV exposure and are generally not suited to use in an environment with chemical exposure. Natural fibre ropes can rot if not dried after use and the fibres can get damaged by dirt and sharp edges. Some synthetic ropes have a lot of stretch and must be checked and retied regularly. Also some materials are more slippery, whereas natural fibre ropes have more friction and greater bite. They also tighten up when wet which is handy for certain situations. There are a lot of choices out there, so make sure you choos the correct rope for the job. SA Scout site about knots and lashings A guide to common scout knots A visual guide to common scout knots An article on the care and characteristics of fibre rope as well as some knots An article on the chemical and physical properties of plastic rope 7 knots every scout should know is filmed from the knot tying point of view. The bowline, clovehitch, sheetbend, tautline, timber hitch, square knot and two half hitch are covered.
How to tie the most eight useful knots. Includes figure-8, square, granny, bowline, clove hitch, lark's head, rolling hitch, and one turn with two half hitches. How to tie a Turk's Head knot Other Turk's Head sites: Ever wondered how to do those knots but can't work it out by just looking at the pictures?  Well...check out this animated knot site! Video tutorials on knot tieing - a series of 17 videos Netknots- 24 common knots with diagrams, explanations and animations Ropers knot page  Knots on the web - a huge rsource  Basic Scout knots with animations. Go to the index on the left and click on basic knots.  Great climbing related knot site with animations
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