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10.5 TO 14.5 YEARS Don’t just talk about what you can do! Get stuck in... Scouts is one of the best kept secrets for young people aged 11 – 15 and no wonder! It is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia – not to mention the world – with thousands of boys and girls enjoying an almost unlimited range of activities. And there’s always room for more! Don’t get lost! As a scout you’ll receive expert instruction in a wide variety of outdoor skills, together with the all important basic theory to make sure you don’t get lost and can deal with life’s emergencies. You’ll go on camps with a few friends or join thousands of boys and girls for fun and adventure at a national Jamboree. Your confidence will build and you’ll learn how to make decisions and work as part of a team. In a small group called a Patrol, an older, more experienced Scout will be your Patrol Leader and help develop your skills. Weekly meetings are held to build up skill levels, play games and have fun and plan for weekend adventures. You’ll quickly become familiar with equipment and the right way to use it. Have your say in activities. The Patrol system means that everyone from the youngest to the Patrol Leader has a say and the Scout Leader is there to help make your dream activities a reality, while ensuring safety is always maintained. He or she will also guide you through the Scout Award Scheme, which recognises your own level off of ability and achievement. There are badges to be earned and you will learn skills that will stay with you for life – such as light weight camping and bush navigation, how to prepare and cook your own food, how to recognise the dangers of our environment including bush fires, how to be safe around beaches rivers and lakes and yes, how to tie some pretty useful knots. Challenge your mind as well as your body But not everyone is looking for the outdoor buzz all the time. So Scouts have challenging activities linked with other internet and amateur radio, performance arts such as singing dancing and acting and awards linked to citizenship, community service and personal spiritual development. No hang-ups, no restrictions Scouts are in every part of our Australian community, and it is not called the worldwide brotherhood of Scouting for nothing! Whatever cultural or religious background you come from, you will find a welcome at Scouts. Membership enquiries are also welcomed from those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Scouting is definitely fun, and it also prepares you for life in the adult world by giving you responsibility for your own actions and progress. Your achievements will lay a foundation for your future success. Things To Do Scouts are provided with the opportunity for personal growth through challenging, interesting activities that meet their needs. Scouting encourages hobbies, interests and skills and helps to develop leadership and a sense of achievement. Scout Troop and Patrol activities Trained Leaders and Assistants volunteer their time to run Scout Troops. Weekly meetings – plan weekend adventures, work as a team, have a say in decision making, become a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader and help plan the Scout Program. Training Scheme Activities – Scouts are exposed to a huge range of activities based on adventure and personal interests, such as abseiling, caving, watching the sun rise, hiking, photography, orienteering, performance arts, operating amateur radio, bush survival skills, tying and using knots, learn about water safety, camping and cooking. Jamborette – an overnight camp where Scouts from around the Region can meet. State Rally – run each year in August to provide the opportunity for Scouts all over NSW to attend as a Patrol, hiking between four main activity centres around Cataract Scout Park. Jamboree – held every three years, this 10 day camp is the ultimate Scout adventure where thousands of Scouts from around Australia and overseas meet for outdoor activities, challenges and entertainment. Leadership course – a two-day course designed to provide suitable leadership skills for Scouts, based on understanding the Patrol System and the Scout Award Scheme, leadership, problem solving and task management, citizenship, and planning/programming. Family adventures – the whole family is encouraged to get involved with Scout activities like canoeing, bike riding and camps.  Scout Promise On my honour I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to my God and to (the Queen of) Australia, to help other people, and, to live by the Scout Law. Scout Law A Scout is trustworthy A Scout is loyal A Scout is helpful A Scout is friendly A Scout is cheerful A Scout is considerate A Scout is thrifty A Scout is courageous A Scout is respectful A Scout cares for the environment Scout Award Scheme The Scout Section Award Scheme includes a number of components: Scoutcraft Badge – facilitates entry into the Scout Troop and teaches or reinforces basic Scout skills. arget Badges – eight targets (campcraft, citizenship, air activities, construction, environment, water safety, emergencies or water activities) that provide the main source of program material and aim to encourage participation and develop basic skills. Proficiency Badges Patrol Activity Badges  Cords – there are three cords which can be achieved on the progress towards the top Scout award. The Scout Leadership Course - designed to provide suitable leadership skills for Scouts with a practical hands-on approach. The Leadership Activity – allows a Scout to demonstrate significant personal development and an active leadership role. The Australian Scout Medallion - the ultimate Scout award.  1. Pioneer Cord The first step towards gaining the Australian Scout Medallion is to achieve a Pioneer Cord. To gain a Pioneer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Pioneer Badge, two Proficiency Badges and one Patrol Activity Badge. 2. Explorer Cord To gain an Explorer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Explorer Badge, two more Proficiency Badges, and one more Patrol Activity Badge. 3. Adventurer Cord To gain an Adventurer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Adventurer Badge, another two Proficiency Badges and another Patrol Activity Badge. 4. The Australian Scout Medallion Introduced in 2003 to provide an additional challenge for the top Scouts, the Australian Scout Medallion combines a number of key learning elements into one project, from the initial planning right through to the final self assessment. To be eligible for this prestigious award, a Scout must have attended a Scout Leadership Course and achieved the Adventurer Cord. Some examples of previous projects include the organisation of Cub Pack holidays, coordinating a Clean Up Australia Day site, and fundraising to purchase new equipment. Scout Uniform The Scout Uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section colour, which is Green, across the sleeve, yoke and collar. The other components of the uniform are a blue or moss-green belt and a scarf and woggle. Below the waist: (grey/light coloured) shorts, trousers or skirt. Click here for Scout Badge Placements  Courtesy of scout uniform
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